Crossroads Impact Corp’s Social Impact Report Highlights $490 Million in Investments

The report details the 260% increase in committed investments in 2023

DALLAS – Crossroads Impact Corp, a leading impact lender focused on investing in businesses that promote economic vitality and community development, released its annual social impact report, Transformative Investments: Impact Capital in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship.

The 2023 impact investing report detailed across Crossroads’ three verticals of impact real estate, small business and climate finance the company experienced a 260% increase in committed investments year over year. During 2023, nearly $490 million in investments were made – up from $250 million in 2022 – and a total of $900 million was committed.

“We are thrilled to be able to have made such a sizable increase in impact loans and investments during 2023,” said Eric Donnelly, CEO of Crossroads Impact Corp. “The year-over-year increase speaks to changing investor priorities by aligning intention and impact. It is through investments like this, we can make measurable change as well as a move toward more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable investment practices.”

The annual report can be viewed in full here.